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john bonked 26 Jun 2022 17:50 +0000
original: dcz@fosstodon.org

@john Oof, BLE is a huge pain. I still have to work through a couple other things before I get there, but by that point I think I'll have a way to save a stream of data to the file system for later viewing.

john honked back 26 Jun 2022 13:16 +0000
in reply to: https://fosstodon.org/users/dcz/statuses/108543929443874138

@dcz yeah. So for me, 201 is peak rate - reproducible number consistently in similar scenarios with good sensors.

I’ve seen over 220 once doing a maximal test untrained when I was a bit younger. Then I could hit 211 on demand when fit. The equipment wasn’t what it is today so I consider that an erroneous reading.

john honked back 26 Jun 2022 12:57 +0000
in reply to: https://fosstodon.org/users/dcz/statuses/108543767029000916

@dcz so ok you don’t take the time between 2 beats and directly extrapolate BPM. Neither should we enforce that BPM is 60s worth of data (not that you said this).

Proper analysis comes into play, as well. Let’s say I get a max HR of 201, it’s an anomaly unless it’s reproducible.